My birthday present to myself.

     Yay its my birthday! Okay my birthday month but whatever I still get to show off my birthday present to myself.

    I've been wanting one of these forever and I finally got all the pieces together to make one for myself. You probably know me well enough to know I love marimo and what else would I make myself but a marimo present. I'm naming this piece Enchanted,. The black gunmetal chain, purple beads, and spell bottle makes me think of magic.

My birthday present to myself. A marimo necklace called 'Enchanted'

    I can see making more of these with different themes. To me the hardest part is finding the right filler to put in with the marimo.

Disclaimer; The cheapest jewelry supply I have ever found is jewelry from thrift stores. That's where the chain came from. The piece around the charm is actually the extension, jump ring, and lobster claw from the necklace which was long enough to pull over my head. Don't throw out jewelry if you no longer like it, give it away or use it in your own DIY. Even broken jewelry can be used in crafts if you use your imagination.


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