Celebrate! DIY plant hanger.

     Celebrate! is the name of the plant hanger...well what I'm calling it anyway since it's actually a pretty well known way to hang plants. I have never seen or heard of it done like this though and I should know I've made these out of yarn so many times over the years.

     Since it is my birthday month and I needed plant hangers for my new terrariums, I decided to use some of the curling ribbon I had on hand. The first one I tried was green, a test run and the second I went a little wild with both green and purple, sort of a little mermaid feel...maybe that's just me. There is also a little bit of magic vibe. I can see making more of these.

Celebrate! DIY plant hanger
The road map I picked up a few years ago on a car trip .
The things in the plant hangers are plastic ornament terrariums.

Make eight lengths of ribbon, you'll want to make it longer than you need, I think I had about eight feet for each strand. Try to make them as even as possible, if they're slightly off that will just make the ends uneven but you can trim it or just curl it no problem.

Double the lengths so the centers are all together on one end and the tails are all on the other end. Knot a loop at the center end, that's what you'll use to hang your planter with. You'll want to hang the loop up on a nail or hanger or thumbtack so the ends hang.

Celebrate! DIY plant hanger

Once you have the top end secured, it'll be easier to separate two strands. You'll want to knot all four pairs at however far down you want it to be but not too close to the bottom, about 2/3 of the way from the top (lol that's my best guess since I don't measure anything.)

Now go down a few inches (longer if you are planting a larger planter, shorter for smaller planters like mine) Split the pairs up, take the strand on the right and grab the strand on the right of that. You should now have one strand from two of the first knotted pairs. Tie those together, move over and repeat. This will create a full loop (if you stretch it out but I wouldn't, it'll crinkle the ribbon too much, won't bother string or rope though so practice with string.)

Last step is gathering the ends together, go several inches down, roughly the same distance you chose for the knots. Tie one solid knot gathering all the strands together, this is what the planter rests on. Your plant hanger is finished, it is ready to hang your plant or container up.

Celebrate! DIY plant hanger
A plant hanger I used a couple years ago for my marimo.
To keep dust out of the water I used a clear plastic lid set on top.

Disclaimer; I was taught how to make these when I was little. Just remember to use the right strength string for the container it will be holding or you'll end up with a mess collapsed on the floor. Also strong hooks are also important.


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