25 facts about me.

     This is my first time doing a fact post like this, 25 seems like a lot but I guess it really isn't.

1; I enjoy writing (pretty obvious I guess)

2;  I tell people my spirit animal is a t-rex when it might possibly be a panda.

3; My favorite kind of weather is cloudy or rainy days.

4; If I could live in a season it would be autumn.

5; I had a red betta fish named Roberto...aka Bert. Someday I will own another.

6; If asked what my favorite cake is, my family will likely tell you it's cheesecake. I however will tell you it's tiramisu. I picked it out once for my own birthday and loved it.

7; My favorite song...ah that's a hard one, how about artists who have songs I like since I don't normally say, ooh that's my favorite song. Second Chance,

8; Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite fairy-tales. I like the Cheshire cat and artwork done of Alice in Wonderland.

9; Favorite Disney character, I guess I'd have to say Stitch from Lilo and Stitch.

10; I love glass, seriously I don't know why but I think glass is awesome. They hold things such as little worlds called terrariums, you can put marimo in them, candy also finds it's way into these transparent containers. Marbles, I believe I have a few laying around.

11; Otaku...wait what? No, I just watch a little anime. Kamisama Kiss, Sword Art Online and several others.

12; If I could live in a holiday themed town, it would be Halloween. The Addams family and the Munsters would be on as reruns and it wouldn't be weird to keep up spooky decorations and pumpkins all year long. Hey, a girl can dream that there's such a place.

13; I always wanted to give voice acting a chance, voice a character but I don't live in an area that has that and I'm not sure it wouldn't take me a few days of attempts to actually not choke from stage fright. Still, it would be fun for something short.

14; I want to be a mermaid.

15; I have had plenty of animals growing up or have been around them including farm animals and household pets.

16; At one time in my life I raised rabbits. My favorite rabbit's name was a rabbit named Big Daddy who we bought with his two sons. He was the only one out of the three who became friendly, the other two were very rude little brats.

17; I don't understand memes.

18; I have been obsessed with marimo since the moment I found out about them three years ago and since I bought my first two years ago.

19; Not a fan of slow music unless it's something I just love. Usually I stick with upbeat music that's appealing to me no matter the type country/ pop/ rock/ alternative. I am not a fan of music that relies on cussing because I like songs with some sort of catchy wording.

20; For a year I refused to even check out Pinterest when told about it, now I'm addicted. When they say it's a trap, IT'S A TRAP!

21; Huge fan of googly eyes, have yet to find the jumbo ones I've seen online.

22; I use to think pearls were for old ladies but now that I like them, I'm afraid I've grown old or just odd.

23; If it sparkles there is an 80% chance that I like it. 20% does not include just liking a part of it for the sparkle.

24; Have been known to wipe glitter off of cards onto the back of my hands. I think it's hereditary.

25;  My favorite hard candy is Werther's sugar free caramels because sugar free is guilt free and I have yet to find a flavor of that candy I don't like but I usually grab coffee or original.

Do we have anything in common? Comment below and let me know.

Disclaimer; bonus fact, I love writing my silly disclaimers. Writing a disclaimer about my disclaimers is also kind of funny. My humor is stranger in person, you'll just have to trust me on that fact.


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