Mike Wazowski inspired DIY marimo jar

This post is not sponsored, nobody paid me or gave me anything in return for this review. I've written this on my own to express my opinion about this brand and or product.

     One of my favorite characters from Monster, Inc. is Mike Wazowski. I don't know why exactly but it could be the name or the one giant eye. I do like Boo and Sulley too, especially Boo's costume. Boo is so cute in her little outfit. I have only seen the first Monsters, Inc. so far.

     It is also my birthday month (its a silly little thing I do around this time of year where I post little things about me) even though I post things about me all the time, this is my excuse to be a little selfish with my posts...who am I kidding I just like saying it's my birthday.

     Another thing I love are marimo, you are probably rolling your eyes if you've read a few of my posts in the past because you've probably heard of my obsession. Well in this post I'm combining Mike Wazowski and marimo in one post as...Mike Wazowski inspired DIY marimo jar.

What you'll need;

A jar. I used a mini glass ketchup bottle that I was given. I think it was from Walmart. Since the lid is metal make sure it's thoroughly cleaned so no food residue contaminates the water. Also watch for rust because you don't want that either. You can always seal it with clear polish if you're worried about rust.

Green fingernail polish, or if you want you can use spray paint or something that won't scratch off.
I used 3 layers of Pure Ice #303 FREE SPIRIT and one layer of petites by Scherer 405 ELECTRIC.

Green fish gravel. I couldn't find green in it's own pack because my local store carries blue-purple blah, natural colored stones, and neon blue-green-pink-purple. I grabbed the neon mix and separated some of the green ones out by hand.

One googly eye. It came from a multi pack so I can't tell you the size, just pick out a size you'd like to put on your container. Tip, when going to buy googly eyes, use a coin or measured bit of paper to find the closest match without taking the whole project with you.

Horns. I used what I had lying around which was hot glue I carefully layered over the tips of skewers until I had a size roughly what I wanted and painted them with a pale nail polish...I don't really recommend it because the process was difficult and it just didn't turn out that well in my opinion. I would have rather used some clay and will likely remove the horns since I don't really like them all that much. I actually prefer the hornless version such as the picture below, maybe it's the shape of the jar that throws me off.

     Once you have everything together just paint the lid, add in the gravel, the marimo and decorations as you wait for the cap to dry. You can also attach the eye with either tape or hot glue, I tried both methods and I think they're both great ways to attach the googly eye on. If you want it to be temporary use tape, if you want it to stay on or maybe look cleaner use the hot glue.

     What sort of Disney/Pixar/Other character would you design for your jar? Would it be your favorite character or would you pick it because of it's looks? I'm interested in hearing who your favorite is below in the comments.

Disclaimer; if you are decorating a larger vessel which you plan to put fish in, be responsible and don't put anything too small in so your fish doesn't try to eat something it'll choke on. Marimo aren't fish, they won't eat anything you put in with them so put whatever you want in with your marimo.


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