Super easy 3 ingredient oatmeal pancakes

     I said it, three ingredient pancakes and from scratch, nothing boxed...except the oatmeal but doesn't that always come in boxes? This recipe has been tried two ways with four batches and I love it. This is a great alternative to that bowl of oatmeal in the morning and they refrigerate well so you can save some overnight or later for snacks. Currently as I write this I'm eating a stack of these healthy pancakes, they're so good.

Super easy 3 ingredient oatmeal pancakes.
Recipe makes five, I ate one before taking the picture...oops.
Paper plates look lame in pictures but it's a reference,
now you know how big the pancakes are.

     What you'll need;

1 cup dry oatmeal.
1 banana, ripe or overripe, it doesn't seem to matter.
1/2 cup water.

optional * add fake sugar or sugar to sweeten the batch to bring out the sweeter flavor because these will taste sort of bland. Cinnamon, vanilla extract, flavorings are all optional if like me you don't like putting syrup on your pancakes.

That's it, now all you need is a bullet to mix it in and you can cook them up like you usually cook pancakes.

Makes; 5 medium size pancakes, about 3-4 inches (I'm guessing and terrible at it so use the picture for reference.)

Tip, rinse that bullet cup and blades off fast after you're done making your pancakes, don't let them sit on there or it'll be like washing cement off.

Warning, may be abrasive to your bullet blender cup. I'm not sure, it's possible though so you've been warned.

Notes, I've never been able to eat a whole batch (five pancakes) of this recipe because the oatmeal is so filling. They're denser than normal pancakes. I hope all these tips, notes and warnings help.

Disclaimer; I had found a different pancake recipe with eggs and bananas, they were thin and didn't work too well for me but were delicious. I made oatmeal with bananas in it and thought 'hey can I make this into pancakes?' Yes, yes I can. I've never failed a batch.

Let me know in the comments below if this worked out for you and if you tried other fruit or alternatives.


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