Shark Stickers.

This post is not sponsored, nobody paid me or gave me anything in return for this review. I've written this on my own to express my opinion about this brand and or product.

     A while ago (last month) I ordered some free stickers which I had never done before and wasn't even sure I'd get them or if they'd even be worth asking for...well they totally were.

     Okay to start at the beginning...I found a freebie on some site (sorry I can't remember the name of the site) and thought, 'hey why not' so I ordered them knowing it could be like a month or so which was true. To make this short, I got them in the mail in a plain white envelope, in perfect condition. Wow, they are awesome.

Shark Stickers; Do you want to know where I got these stickers for free?
I didn't alter the color on these photos but they look much better in person.

     Want to try your luck and get some stickers? Here is where you can order them from-
It would be awesome if you could put my blog name in where you heard about the stickers.

     I seriously love these stickers so much I am going to stick one on my precious laptop to which I've never stuck any stickers to before, not any laptop I've ever owned that's how much I like these stickers. Take a guess in the comments below which sticker I'm adding to my laptop.

Disclaimer; What land/mountain/mermaid/person/being doesn't like cute sharks? Raise your fin...if you raised your fin you might be a shark yourself so what are you doing saying you don't like cute sharks?


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