March Pinterest Challenge

     Join me for another Pinterest Challenge. Share pins in the comment below (no limit just stick with the theme) share the post with friends to challenge them and most of all, have fun with this family friendly game for all ages.

     Share your spring/Easter colors. This challenge is color based, share color palette pins. I want to see those pastels, colorful Easter eggs, shiny colorful foil wrapped candies. Anything that represents what colors you feel are spring or Easter related, I want to see them.

     Below I'm showing my own Easter color pin with a picture I took myself of Easter cookies. I love the colors...unfortunately the frosting was plain, no flavors or else they'd have been as tasty as they appear to be. I do however love the egg-shaped sprinkles and that orange frosting.

March Pinterest Challenge. The theme is spring colors. Share pins that have colors that remind you of spring in this family friendly challenge you can share with friends and family. Enter as many pins as you want and most importantly, have fun.

Disclaimer; I raised rabbits. My favorite rabbit's name was Big Daddy because he came with two sons...two evil biting, peeing sons but as wild as they'd been, it was the older rabbit who tamed down not the younger two which is weird right? Happy Easter.


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