Pinterest Etiquette #3

     Oops did you find out you've been blocked when you try to pin a pin. Never been blocked before but curious about what it is? Are you thinking about blocking someone on Pinterest? Here's a post that will hopefully answer some of your questions about Pinterest's blocked feature.

When to block someone. Blocking is a handy little trick Pinterest has set up, unfortunately people seem to block others for little things like pinning twenty of their pins. From personal experience I have been blocked after pinning from someone's boards even though I've followed them. I've gone searching for the same subject before only to find one of their pins I've never seen before, go to pin it because it came up in the searches only to find out I've been blocked.

     The right moment to block someone would be if they are leaving negative comments on your pins, starting fights, arguing or possibly on the same group board but the board has gotten spammy because of a person or two always putting their handful of advertising pins on the group board. Those moments it's more than alright to block someone or if they seem to be stalking you, leaving strange on all your pins several times a day, repinning everything you pin and messaging you.

     I don't think the right moment to block someone is if they pinned a dozen or two pins from you and followed you. There's good news with this last scenario, they like your pins, your pinning style and wish to continue seeing what you like. they aren't going to pin every single pin and stare at their Pinterest feed 24-7 for every pin you post.

What to do when you are blocked. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do when you've been blocked. Sure you could probably try to send them a message but really what's the point? You can't really do anything to report an action that Pinterest put into place to prevent pinners from being uncomfortable. Either they blocked a bunch of people because they're tired of their notifications blowing up with repins and likes or they got annoyed with how many pins were admired.

Why was I blocked? There are numerous reasons why you could have been blocked, the most common is someone found you annoying, no sorry that really is the main reason I've found and you likely didn't do anything wrong. Many pinners feel as if their boards are sacred, that you can only pin a limited number of their pins a day total and might not announce it but just go and block people who break the secret or not so visible rule.

Is there anything I can do to be unblocked? Hey if you figure that out let me know. I've been blocked after pinning a handful of pins and go to click follow and find they've blocked me. Yes I feel wrongly accused of breaking some unspoken Pinterest law or that I've somehow upset someone every time this happens but truthfully I have heard so many complaints about people saying they've been messaged or told off about how many pins they've pinned and there are just some people out there who block people just because they want to.

How can I prevent being blocked? Don't go on Pinterest. How boring would that be? I've met people on Pinterest who comment back and forth on pins with me. I send them pins, they send me pins we think the other will like. If you're only using Pinterest just as a bookmark and don't want people to pin from you, use secret boards, nobody can see those but you.

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Disclaimer; As much as I love Pinterest...oh there's a pin I like.
As much as I love Pinterest...cute outfit, gotta pin that.
As much as I love Pinterest...Whoa, okay I never would have thought a light bulb could be used that way.
As much as I love way, it's so tiny and cute, I want it. Gotta pin and like that one.
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