Mini Crystal Haul Mystery Box Review

This post is not sponsored, nobody paid me or gave me anything in return for this review. I've written this on my own to express my opinion about this brand and or product.

     On Instagram...yes I actually just started using Instagram a little while ago and forgot to mention it here until now. Anyway on Instagram I look at all these amazing crystals and rocks and marimo and am amazed at all the things I see there that I don't see on Pinterest or Twitter.

     A post caught my eye, a mystery box of crystals for sale so I ordered a $10 box. The seller @hemperor_jewelry was very nice to deal with and made it easy to order from. From ordering my package to getting it took less than a week. It arrived in a padded envelope with lots of bubble wrap and everything intact. The Etsy shop for Hemperor Jewelry.

     In the package I received a handful of crystals and stones that I'll show you below. scroll all the way down to see what I thought of my purchase.

Mini Crystal Haul Mystery Box
All my crystals I received.
1 citrine spirit quartz point, 1 large clear quartz, 1 milky amethyst,
1 pyrite, 5 fluorite octohedrons, 3 rough peridot minis, 1 mini tigers eye,
1 mini lemurian seed smoky quartz point, 1 mini herkimer diamond.

Mini Crystal Haul Mystery Box
It looks like a hedgehog to me.

Mini Crystal Haul Mystery Box
The dark blackish color in the crystal is just shadowing from the light hitting it.

Mini Crystal Haul Mystery Box
Fluorite octahedron crystals.

Mini Crystal Haul Mystery Box
Purple crystal, the camera doesn't do the color justice.
In real life it's more of a lavender color, softer.
     The crystals; updated with what the stones are, I will leave the original post but I am adding the names for everyone to see :)

The hedgehog, (Citrine spirit quartz point); I believe at a guess this is Citrine but I could be wrong. If I'm right this is a raw untreated Citrine because I do know one thing, Citrine doesn't show its yellow off very well unless treated (I think by heat) and then it's a much more vivid color. I do however like that this piece is untreated because the coloring looks so cute for a hedgehog...I call it that because that's what the shape of this crystal looks like to me.

The single point, (clear quartz point); somewhat foggy, this crystal is probably quartz. I like the coloring on this one sort of like thick fog or frosted ice.

The purple crystal, (milky amethyst); I have no idea what this is but it is very pretty and I like purple.

The green stones, (rough peridot); no idea what they are but they're cute and fit in a tiny bottle nicely. I will probably show them off in the future with some of my other bottled things.

Two point crystal, (herkimer diamond); not sure what to call this, my experiences with crystals are one quartz piece I bought at the beach for $2 over fifteen years ago and a tiny amethyst chunk I bought about about ten years ago and I forgot the price of it. At least this little piece fits in a tiny bottle so I won't lose it so easily.

The other two point crystal, (quartz point); it is foggier than the herkimer and chipped on one side but I think I'll put it in a marimo vial when I get larger vials for necklaces since it won't fit in the mouth of the bottles I have as pendants now.

The black crystal point, (lemurian seed smoky quartz point); I'm guessing it's smokey quarts. Light passes through it with a slight brownish tint.

The tiger eye, (tigers eye, yep I got that one right); I know what tiger eye stones are like, I have had a few chips of it before so I'm pretty sure that's what this is unless there's a similar stone to it and then I'll remind you I am nothing close to a rock expert. This piece came as a rough bead which I actually like. I'm hoping the hole is large enough for one of my pins to go through so I can make a necklace out of it, if not I'll try some thread.

The pyrite or fools gold, (pyrite); I have a chunk of fools gold I bought on a field trip, had to have been about third or fourth grade that I've kept for all these years. Fools gold has always interested me so I'm glad this piece is smaller.

The fluorite octahedrons; five unique shaped stones in pretty pastel colors. I saw these on Instagram and now that I have these I am positive I am obsessed with these stones. These are my favorite thing in the box but the hedgehog crystal is a close second.

     I really love all the crystals I got. The fluorite are my favorite. Comment below what your favorite crystal or rock is.

Disclaimer; I've been collecting rocks since I was little, from pretty unique looking pieces of gravel to a large heart shaped rock I've always had more gray and boring rocks with something that interested me for some reason then polished rocks and crystals.


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