Fairy Lights, Buddha and Secret Project Revealed!

     I've been hinting a little while that I'm working on a secret project so if you've seen me say things here or on twitter or wherever about fairy lights and questions about them actually working in water or that I was waiting for my golden Buddha to arrive, well this is what I was talking about.

Fairy Lights, Buddha and Secret Project Revealed! Marimo tank #marimomossballs #marimo

     Tada! It was for none other than a marimo tank. I've had this glass bowl a while, a thrift shop find so it's a little scratched up but still perfectly usable and so heavy to carry. I need to invest in a water pitcher to fill it instead of carrying it around, so scary since it's so heavy and if I drop it would create such a mess and probably would break my toes or worse.

Fairy Lights, Buddha and Secret Project Revealed! Marimo tank #marimomossballs #marimo
Check out that crystal head vodka bottle for size comparison...
actually I don't know the exact measurements on that.
If you look carefully you can see a second Buddha in the short marimo bowl on the right.
The second bowl is below the battery pack of the lights which is resting on a brick behind the bowl.

     I've been wanting an aquarium for a while and to get my marimo out of their many, many jars. I'm still not done, I've just moved most of the newest marimo but I am in the process of thinking up new ideas for how to make my marimo look less junky in the tiny pickle jars they'd been in without their original smelly lids. I'm not saying it's bad to use pickle jars, it just doesn't suit me anymore.

     Here are the links of where I bought the fairy lights and the Buddha. I'm not getting anything from sharing these links with you.

Fairy lights.

Golden Buddha.

Golden Buddha; quick little review they arrived faster than claimed, just a couple of days which was amazing, fastest shipping ever without having Amazon Prime. They are ceramic or something, I thought they were resin but this is probably better. They came unbroken, one has a defect on the base but it was painted over and since it's going into a marimo tank I really don't mind since it's an aquarium decoration and even then it was the back of the base and not really all that noticeable unless you look from the bottom so I would buy these again if I ever need more golden Buddha statues.

Cool Light Fairy Lights; This was the best deal I could find that wasn't going to take ages being mailed out and ran off AA batteries which I think last longer than cell type batteries that you can find cheaper string lights. I can't remember at the moment but I think the AA battery type lasts longer between needing to change the batteries out. Bonus it was a double pack. I did have one problem with these, one of the lights would turn on but only if I fiddled with the switch so my brother fixed it saying that it just wasn't soldered right and he'd solder it later, it worked just fine after he bent the connectors to touch. It sounds like a small manufacturer's error which could happen to any sort of tech so these lights are awesome as far as I'm concerned and these are the first ones I've bought.

Disclaimer; this is my third color of Buddha but I only have two complete sets. I have two jade colored Buddha bought from a Chinese restaurant years ago and separately they each cost nearly as much as the sets I bought off Amazon and I'm pretty sure the "Jade" is resin not an actual stone.


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