Fairy lights and duckies

     Yay I finally bought myself some fairy lights. It took six days for shipping and cost me $6.99 for two! I'll leave the link below if you want to use it. There was just one problem with one light and my brother fixed it really fast, a part near the switch hadn't been soldered right but that's probably just one of those things that could happen to any electronic.

     I've only used the fairy lights for a couple of minutes but I love the cool light tone. Why is it there are so many more warm toned white lights then cool toned white lights? Anyway I wanted the lights for an underwater project and these are suppose to be waterproof but I haven't tested them yet because I'm waiting on a golden Buddha statue I just ordered.

Do you like my collection of over a hundred gummy colored plastic fish that are beneath the six rubber duckies in the vase?
Off to the left is a copper colored candlestick holder with crystals on it.

My marimo necklace pendant from Aquatherapylivingjewelry who you can find on Instagram.

A look at the marimo pendant without the weird lighting.
What do you think of my mini copper spirals?

     Since the lights looked so cool I wanted to see what taking photographs with them would look like. It looks like a festival, so cool. I think I need a rainbow of fairy lights. Do you own fairy lights? What color do you like the best?

Disclaimer; The marimo necklace was a Christmas present and it is amazing.


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