Five facts about me

     I just wanted to write something a little fun while I'm working on a project that's taking a lot of isn't a big deal but it has to do with fairy lights and putting them underwater which I have read that can be done but does anybody know if they will last underwater for a long time or will they corrode? I don't have much knowledge about fairy lights so any help would be great.

Fact #1 My favorite metal is copper, it has been for years but for jewelry I like silver or steel.

Fact #2 I have over a hundred tiny plastic gummy colored toy fish and no idea what to do with them after I bought them in bulk so they inhabit a vase with a few rubber duckies to keep them company.

Fact #3 Thanks to Instagram, I've been forgetting all other social media outlets...sorry but seriously there are too many amazing people on there who make awesome things that I want but can't afford but I still look anyway.

Fact #4 I use to sculpt with air clay but in the move a few years ago I lost the two or three boxes I had and to be honest they weren't the best but I regret not having pictures of some of the pieces I liked the most. I would love to sculpt again but not with air dry clay, maybe polymer but I'm not sure yet.

Fact #5 most of my jewelry I made myself, usually my earrings. What I haven't made is either older than six years or a few precious pieces were gifts or one piece bought by myself so long ago.

Fluorite and raw Montana copper.
I got the copper at Fifty Silver Dollar Bar and Grill,
it may have been a limited time thing, they always have different products.

Disclaimer; The fluorite was shown in a previous post. I just got something awesome that has fluorite in it, Soon to be shared since I'm taking photos today and hoping they turn out alright.


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