Alice In Wonderland Art Tin

     I already shared a WIP of this but have finally decided that I'm happy with the results. I may add a few details later on but for now I am pleased with the results.

     The tin is from some soft caramel dip stuff we had a while back. The top had a plastic piece in it that popped out easily. The window was scratched and foggy so it needed to go for me to use it or else I probably would have kept it on for a terrarium instead.

Alice In Wonderland Art Tin by Maridan Valor; just a little something I came up with. Sorry about this picture, the colors are a little off compared to the others :)
Sorry about the quality of the photo. I tried dozens of times to get a better picture from the front.
The cards and the tin end up having a glare if I use too much light and nothing will show up so I had to leave it dark.
I wanted to get this post out since I've been waiting on a good picture for a few weeks.
The metal tin is a yellow brassy color. The watch is a dark (antique) brown brass.
The hearts and roses on the outside are red as well as the mushrooms, lady bugs and the red on the cards.

     The cards are from two packs called thumb decks that I've had for about fourteen years waiting for a craft project because I'd totally forgotten that I was missing half of each deck and couldn't call them a collection anymore.

   The hearts are pearl heart cabochons I had laying around that I painted with red nail polish and the roses are just red tin roses I had in my bead boxes. I stuck them onto magnets with hot glue the same with the card on the front so I could rearrange them if I got tired of the pattern I put them in and nothing on or in this tin is permanently attached to the container because I didn't want to ruin it if I messed up.

     I lined the back of the container with cardboard (the same cardboard as from a cereal box or a frozen pizza) and formed the little shelf before hot gluing the mini cards down. The ones I used were from a couple sets I had when I was younger and hung onto because I liked the tins but over the years I lost cards so they became part of my craft project. The inside of the sides is just the cards formed into a loop by gluing the cards together and putting it inside, only securing it on the shelf so it wouldn't budge.

Alice In Wonderland Art Tin by Maridan Valor; just a little something I came up with. Find out more about it on the blog.
Side view of the container looks better than the front view photo, maybe less glare.
This shows that there are cards on the inside where you can't see straight on.
I wanted to be able to peek in and not see the sides, it makes the tin feel more complete to me.

     The rabbit, mushroom and ladybugs all came from a set of terrarium decorations I got for Christmas. The rabbit and mushroom were secured with a dot of hot glue. the wooden ladybugs had a little foam piece under it with a sticky side that I just stuck on for the fun of it.

     The watch I bought a few years ago, a cheap one you can find similar ones on amazon if you just look for the really cheap kind. (mine was $10 when I bought it but online you can get them for less) It stopped working and I didn't want to buy a new battery so I saved it for an Alice in Wonderland project because it reminded me of the story when I first bought it.

     I hung the watch up with a piece of chopstick which I glued onto the top where the cards hit the sides because as I said above my original plan for it consisted of not ruining the container. I do however plan to keep it as is, it's just a nice container that I wanted to keep as free of hot glue as possible.

Alice In Wonderland Art Tin by Maridan Valor; just a little something I came up with. Without the front you can see some of the hidden details. Find out more about it on the blog.
Front without the lid. You can see I just used a bit of chopstick to hang the watch.
Lol I just noticed some of the washi tape was peeling. You can't see it when the front cover is on,
and it's just over the hot glue and for looks. The little dots are black hearts, the closest I had to match the theme.

Disclaimer; this is the first of many projects that I am trying out. My next one just might be from Wonderland but my own version. What is your favorite fairytale and do you have anything that reminds you of it?


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