Something Perfect; new gift shop in town.

     A new shop opened up in town so I had to check it out and you'll never guess what I found...Marimo! Yay MARIMO!!! My obsession with marimo is probably going to get out of, you would think that marimo moss balls are all the same but the quality and health and size all depend on where you buy them from and the ones I saw here are nice sized ones, actually larger than all the other marimo I own.

     They have a little setup inside where you can pick the jar, the gravel and decorations for your new marimo. I have a picture below of the marimo station. I'll probably buy a second so now all I have to do is think about what I want before I go back.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog.
The front of the Something Perfect gift shop.
I did edit this photo but only in the reflection where you see the building,
I removed people so the photo would look cleaner without the distractions.
The window display and everything else are untouched so this is what the shop looks like.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog.
One of the product displays.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog. This is where I bought my latest marimo. It is my favorite spot in the shop.
The best spot in the shop, lol just because it's marimo.
Here are the jars, gravel, decorations and marimo all set up.
I bought a jar and picked what I wanted in it which was pretty fun.
There were a lot of little plastic animals, shells, plastic starfish to choose from.
Four different gravels, a variegated blue, white, shell and neon mix.
Their jars are also really cute and I'm going to have a hard time deciding on my next one.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog. This is MoMo who lives at Something Perfect. He's a marimo moss ball.
This is MoMo, he's got his own little jar.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog. This is my marimo moss ball that I got from Something Perfect.
This is my marimo that I picked out. This marimo is the largest one I own.
I picked variegated blue gravel, a pink plastic starfish and an octopus.
I always wanted an octopus decoration in a marimo tank.

     Inside there were so many interesting little things that I found myself wanting to buy that I might pick up next time. The marimo was definitely my favorite part but I also picked up a couple of little arrow heads, a resin bull skull figurine and an angel figurine. I usually don't like angel statues. Thank you Doctor Who...okay I can't entirely blame the show, they just aren't my thing but for some reason I liked the sleeping one. It seems the least likely to come to life when I look away :)

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog. I bought the marimo, resin bull skull, angel statue and two arrowheads from Something Perfect.
Pictured are my purchases from Something Perfect
1 marimo jar, 1 bull skull mini statue, 1 sleeping angel mini statue, 2 stone arrowheads.

They even have a website

Disclaimer; fun fact, my disclaimers are usually silly or random things that for some reason I stick down at the bottom of my posts. Fun fact number two, obviously marimo are my favorite plant. Fun fact number three, my oldest plant is actually a single lucky bamboo plant that has had to be cut and rooted several times. Fun fact number four I bought more lucky bamboo last summer and now I'm overrun so if anyone has creative ideas on how to display them, tell me below because I currently have them in jars.


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