Merry Christmas.

     It's Christmas...or rather Christmas Eve here. We finally have snow falling from the sky and turning things white. There's a fire in the fireplace, cat laying beside it. I have an apple pie in the oven (a frozen store bought pie,) some pasta salad in the fridge since it tastes better the day after. Its a little too warm in the house to be wrapped up in my favorite skull print blanket or else I totally would be snuggled up with it right now trying to see how much static can cling to my hair.

     For some reason making food has me thinking of random things, usually questions.

Can duckweed grow indoors and how much water does it need? Why is it called duckweed?

Why is it so hard to find sugar free candy canes? (I prefer sugar free candy.)

There are too much bacon flavored things in the world. Most probably taste nasty but the new bacon ritz crackers are awesome. Bacon and crackers is a natural mix.

I need to buy crafting wire.

Water gardens sound fun...only if I can grow them in jars and vases. What kind of plants are small enough and which ones flower?

Little robotic fish would be awesome. Why don't they make tiny solar ones?

     Yes I am very aware that cooking makes my thoughts totally random. Anyway, Merry Christmas or Happy holidays, whatever holiday you may celebrate.

     I wasn't able to get to a craft like I was planning but next month I will decide on one to put up, hopefully something to do with spare jars without lids because I kept too many to use as planters and vases yet ran out of plants. What do you do with jars you have laying around, do you save them to use for projects, glasses, planters, pencil holders or something totally creative? If you have a link to a project leave the link below because at the moment I'm out of ideas on how to use them all up.


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