The last post of 2014.

    I've had fun getting serious and writing up my blog this year. Since the year is ending, everyone is taking up new years resolutions, I've decided to post mine.
    I want to make my blog even bigger and better but not lose my voice. I want to stay true to my goals of reaching new readers and making more posts. I don't want to just write about reviews (although I would love to write some) or become one of the many identical bloggers (there are many, many unique bloggers too) out there where I can't tell who is who apart from their names. I want it to where people know what others are saying when they mention my name or my blog's name and I want to get a few more comments in this up coming year.
    So I thank you all for reading my blog and hope you come back in 2015 for my future posts. Have a happy new year with love, laughter, family, friends, fun and of course memories of the good times you have. Was that a strange list of wishes? It sounded a little off but is completely sincere. Happy new year,

Disclaimer; I wasn't saying all bloggers were identical, just that there are so many who tend to blog the same things. Sorry if there was any confusion.
Last post of 2014. Happy new year.

Have a happy new year. I have a craft post coming up next month.


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