Mine craft tutorial.

    I've got a gun and I'm not afraid to use it...to glue things together. Got a glue gun for the first time in like six years. Yeah I know they're cheap but for some reason I kept forgetting to get one when I needed it.

     Anyway this is a tutorial for mines, at least that's what I've named them since I came up with the design when I was making a few little things. You'll need a handful of beads and a couple of round marbles. I used slightly smaller than normal ones that were packaged for vase filler at the dollar store some years back.

All you'll need;

Hot glue and glue gun.

Round marbles.

Pony beads.

Mine craft tutorial; what you will need, hot glue gun, round marbles, pony beads. Easy craft and cute for decoration. inspired by an old mine I saw on a Gilligan's Island episode.
I forgot to add the marble to this picture.
     To start out warm your glue gun up while you lay the pony beads out on their flat side, give a little space between them, you'll be working with limited time as the glue tends to dry fast.

     Also be very careful with your fingers as you apply enough of a glob to stick the bead on. You may need to slide the first few beads before you figure out how to apply the glue correctly, more towards the side then directly in the center or you'll just be filling the middle of the bead which will pop off because the glue will not adhere to the plastic as well.

     Start with the ring around the center. mine took six for the ring and six more, three to fill in each side. When you fill in the side you will notice some large gaps, make sure that when you finish the other side you don't mirror it and create gaps facing gaps and beads facing beads. You want to be able to look straight at the side of the ring and find a gap, ring, bead or bead, ring, gap.

    Once you fill in the last side your Mine is complete. It wouldn't be hard to turn them into ornaments. Personally my mine will go in a jar to look all cute. They'd also look cute if you kept one bead off and glued them to a pen in place of that bead.

Mine craft tutorial; Glowing effect of mine in front of blue led light. Easy craft and cute for decoration. inspired by an old mine I saw on a Gilligan's Island episode.
Disclaimer; Mines were created by me (Maridan Valor) and I would like to share this craft but please don't claim as your own. Also hot glue guns are very dangerous, I have some faint scars on my hands to prove it so be careful you don't get burnt.

Added note; I now realize that the name of this might be confused with a certain game title but that wasn't the intention. This was named Mine after the mine off of Gilligan's Island. Here's the wiki on the episode. I know they look nothing alike but that's how I came up with the name. Also I loved the series but no longer have the disks so I was thinking of how I wished I had the set again while I was crafting.

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Mine craft tutorial; Easy craft and cute for decoration. inspired by an old mine I saw on a Gilligan's Island episode.


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