Disney movies I like.

    Okay I'll start off by saying I don't keep up with the newer movies. I haven't seen Frozen but doubt I will since it's talked about too much and I'm sick of it. Sure it may be a great movie but I don't feel like watching it so I have no opinion on something I haven't seen before. This post is about movies I've personally watched and recommend.

     Instead of having a huge list of links, I'll just have one link. This leads to a list of Disney movies. Click Pictorial View to see covers when you get to the site.

Pocahontas; Classic. I love the songs even to this day. The movie itself is cute with the little animal friends.

Sleeping beauty; another classic, not my favorite but I've probably seen it twice.

Swiss Family Robinson; family gets stranded on an island, an older movie if you like those types.

101 Dalmatians; Yet another dog movie, cute, funny, a little dark when it comes to why the puppies are being hunted down.

Toby Tyler; this is about a boy who ends up in a circus and is lead to believe he's unwanted at home so he stays and makes friends with a chimpanzee. Yep, it's a chimp movie and a bit older, not animated either but older movies can be good despite the quality of film.

The sword in the stone; a tale about young king Arthur who ends up as Merlin the magician's apprentice and a bunch of magic. Who does not love movies about magic?

The incredible journey; about two dogs and a cat who must find their way 200 rugged Canadian terrain. This was redone as Homeward Bound and voices the animals instead of using narrative as done in the original. I've seen both versions.

Mary Poppins; supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, the most famous word of the movie. Mary Poppins is a nanny who takes a boy and a girl she's in charge of on a magical adventure with a chimney sweep through town.

The jungle book; It's one of those movies that I tend to forget about only to remember how good it was. A boy named Mowgli raised by wolves meets other animals, there's lots of singing and fun.

Alice in wonderland; This is also a classic and one not to skip out on. The animated version is much different than the live action version.

Old Yeller; holy c... seriously if you haven't seen this before, get some Kleenex. It's a feel good...yeah not finishing that. I don't like spoilers so I won't give any.

Lady and the tramp; a dog movie, there's tons of them but can we really say none of them are cute?

Fox and Hound; Pretty sure I've seen this before but not sure so I am just putting this up here since I only remember a few parts.

Cinderella; A classic, everyone has probably heard of this one. In fact this was the first movie I liked when I was little according to my mom.

So dear to my heart; You may not have seen this movie. This is a movie about a boy and a lamb, not a fully animated movie. It's a cute little film where the boy wants to keep his lamb but his grandmother doesn't want him to keep the troublesome pet.

The little mermaid; I've heard this has a sequel but haven't seen it. I use to sing along with this movie thinking I sounded exactly like Ariel (FYI, I can't hold a tune.)

Peter Pan; Not one of my favorites but it is a good movie.

Pinocchio; Okay again not a favorite, this one had a part in it when I was little that scared me so I never got use to it.

Bambi; Loved it and hated it when I was little. I loved the first half but when it came to the scary storm I wanted it started over. Seriously I think that's a great movie for older kids but that's just my opinion.

     Okay that's enough for now. Truthfully if I went on there would probably be a hundred more movies. I've added movies I loved and movies I wasn't so fond of but still recommend as being good, just not my thing so I am satisfied with this little list.

     I hope you enjoyed my post and end up watching some good movies whether you have kids or not. (I don't have kids but you're never too old to enjoy a movie with singing in it when you're a kid at heart.)

     Disclaimer; the opinions of these movies are mine. I do not claim these movies as my own, just my opinions. I did look up supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for the spelling alone but most of the descriptions were made from memory so some information may be skewed.


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