Make a Pinterest board challenge

     So I thought I would do something fun with those on Pinterest by creating a board challenge. This is just a little something fun to do. The object of this challenge is to create a geek board, not just any geek board (since there are hundreds, possibly thousands of these out there) but a room decorating geek board.

     I chose a name that does not come up in my searches, please use it so when I promote this and people search up the name, your boards will be seen in the search. I want everyone to have fun, get attention on their boards they worked hard to create and most of all enjoy the challenge.

     The name        Geek room challenge

     The description      I was challenged to make a board on how I would decorate a room with my choice of theme. Challenge issued by Maridan Valor of Night Sea.
     The rules are very simple. Place the name of your board as Geek room challenge. Place the description in the board description so everyone knows that it was created in a fun challenge.
Content of the board is themed, you can pick anything from your favorite book or series to cartoons, TV shows, an animal love, video games, or an artistic style you're very fond of.

     Here's the complicated part, If you choose a theme recognized easily let say anime is your choice. Since you chose a wider theme, not everything needs to be brand name. Try choosing things that are not made by the company but artists and fan designs to create totally original boards. If you like a website where you see all this stuff normally, go ahead and pin from that, nobody said the pins had to exist before you put them up.

     The most important part is to have fun but I will make a promise. If enough people join the contest by the time it ends on February first, I will post links to all of my favorites in a blog post, sort of as a highlight.

     Please post links to your boards in the comments by February first, Thanks and yes I will have a board too but the subject is a secret for now.


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