Do you want to listen to a song on YouTube on repeat?

     Yes I said it, YouTube on repeat. I heard this little trick, tried it out and thought I would write a short post for the picture. I love listening to music while I'm writing but most times the song cuts off or changes to another I'm not fond of causing me to be distracted.
Do you want to listen to a song on YouTube on repeat; shortcut to listening to your favorite songs, over and over and over all day long.

     The instructions are easy, you can be listening to one song or watching one video on repeat in just a minute or less depending on the speed of your internet connection.

     First, go up to the address bar and click between youtube and the .com. Make sure nothing is highlighted, that you are ready to insert a word not replace everything.

     Second, type in the word 'repeat' as plainly as youtube is written without these little 'marks'.

    Third, hit enter to go to new address before sitting back to listen to song over and over again.

Disclaimer, listenonrepeat is not affiliated with YouTube. Also this is a new process for me, I'm not sure what computers it works on. I was also not reimbursed or anything for this post. I discovered this little trick and wanted to share.

End notes. Lemon tree by Peter, Paul & Mary is catchy.
Don't forget to enter my Pinterest challenge, I will have another for after the first when this one ends.


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