Valentines day 2015

     Happy Valentines day or happy February 14th if you aren't celebrating today. I just thought I would update you on this month's Pinterest Challenge. There have been no entries but never fear there will be another next month so if you haven't found one that interested you yet or didn't make the deadline there will be more because my ultimate challenge for myself is to make it at least a year.

Valentines day 2015; artwork by Maridan Valor.

    Today I'd like to share with you a Valentine. Yes I know it's not a traditional heart card but I like trees and dark scenes to go with it so here's a little stormy Valentine that I whipped up. I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends. Let them know where you found it.
Disclaimer; hearts do not grow on trees but there are many heart shaped leaves out there, but none such a shade of red that I have ever seen.
 As Always, you can pin my art and share it but do not take credit because the world is a much nicer place when people do not steal.


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