DIY; Bunny basket

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     Since it's almost Easter I decided to try and make a miniature bunny basket. This technique however should work with just about anything and at any size. I used a juice container for the tiny bunny.

     All you will need is a craft knife and a pair of scissors to cut the shapes out of whatever containers you pick. Instructions will be with the pictures. It's fun and simple, you can make it out of any sort of solid container you can cut so if you have the tools and supplies, you can even cut through metal buckets or even those thick plastic ten gallon buckets.

     This basket can be used for a mini Easter basket, doll baskets, fairy baskets, holding tiny miniature plants in a fairy garden, something fun to hold a little trinket, a basket to give a tiny present in. It can be whatever you want it to be. Create your own plastic bottle basket with your own forms. Be creative, recycle and have a happy Easter or just a fun bunny craft day.

      Disclaimer; No bunnies were harmed in the making of this post but I cannot promise the same for the candy.
DIY bunny basket tutorial, step one.
Step one, gather supplies.
DIY bunny basket tutorial, step two.
Step two, remove plastic label.

DIY bunny basket tutorial, step four.
Step four, cut container open at top
DIY bunny basket tutorial, step three.
Step three, remove caps.
DIY bunny basket tutorial, step five.
Step five, cut down for the ears, across
to form the shape of the ears, the sides
and leave a little for the tail.

DIY bunny basket tutorial, step six.
Step six, cut between the conjoined
ears to create the gap.

DIY bunny basket tutorial, back view.
Back view of bunny basket with a
fun-sized candy to show size.

DIY bunny basket tutorial, step seven.
Step seven, remove the piece between
the ears giving you the bunny basket.

Since I wasn't going to decorate mine,
I used the computer to show an you
an example of what you could do.
Colored paper, paint, markers,
be creative.
DIY bunny basket tutorial, front view.
Front view of bunny basket.


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