Review on Palmolive almond milk extract and blueberry scented dish soap

     This post is not sponsored, nobody paid me or gave me anything in return for this review. I've written this on my own to express my opinion about this brand and or product.

     After trying many brands and types of dish soap I settled with the original pink bottle of Palmolive soft touch soap because it was the only soap that didn't leave any lingering perfume on the dishes. Well I'd always grabbed the same bottle, never checking the others so when there weren't any pink ones on the shelf, I grabbed a purple one.
Review on Palmolive almond milk extract and blueberry scented dish soap.

     Okay so I was both leery and excited because the Palmolive almond milk extract and blueberry scented dish soap smelled great. The blueberry scent was nice except I wasn't use to it because I'd made the switch to the original because the other soaps of various brands left their scent on the dishes no matter how many times I rinsed them. I don't know if I'm just very picky or what but when several members of the family complain about there being soap in the glasses when there definitely wasn't any left, I knew when I found the original soft soap that it was a keeper because no more complaints.
     I filled the sink and thought 'oh no, its strong.' but when I washed the dishes, I found the scent while strong in the sink full of water, wasn't lingering on any of my dishes. Now my drinks of water weren't going to smell of the soapy scent lingering on the dishes.
     Pros; the soap suds up well, rinses away without a problem and leaves no lingering soap smell sticking to the dishes.
     Cons; I'm not use to scented soaps so it's overwhelming with a sink full but if you're use to scented soaps then I don't have a negative about this soap.

     Disclaimer; I am a humanoid dishwasher. I scrub-scrub-scrub the dishes sparkling clean. I am a superior model, thus my dishes are clean enough to eat off of thanks to the cleaning power of dish soap and the added accessory of a washcloth. Without a sink I am nothing but a standard humanoid with a stack of dirty dishes. Without dishes I am nothing but a hungry humanoid who has nothing to eat off of.
     Ugh my mouth is dry, I must...I must....I must go get some water out of the glasses that I the humanoid dishwasher has cleaned. Now the humanoid dishwasher will go to refuel with a large glass of H2O, the basic generic model of fuel this humanoid dishwasher requires for functioning.


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