A little April post about fools.

You are a fool if you believe spiders are dancing on your shoulder.
You are a fool if you believe that you can converse with a boulder,
You are a fool if you believe in camel size gerbils who only eat socks.
Of bumble bees who's golden honey is kept behind bear-proof locks.
Elephants who know how to two-step without stepping on toes.
Dragonflies who breathe fire are the fault of our country's woe.
Scissors were invented for trimming nose hair and dandruff.
That there are dogs who can meow and cats that go woof-woof.
You are a fool to believe any of the above.
Watch out a man eating dove!
Are you a fool?

Just kidding, happy April first.

Or am I kidding? (I am)

Disclaimer; if anything in this poem exists, my apologies. This is just a silly prank post poem.


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