Attention all mermaid lovers.

     Okay so I love mermaids and things under the sea. Part of the reason my blog is Night Sea 90. Recently I decided to start a themed Pinterest account and link it to a twitter account. I will only be posting ocean and mermaid related things (unless somehow I accidentally forget which account I'm logged into) so if you are interested in following either here are the links.

@Marimo_Mermaid on twitter, Night Sea 90's mermaid and marimo related twitter account

   It took me a while to share the links due to having a hard time coming up with a mermaid that didn't look like scribbles. (I really can't draw mermaids that well so this abstract one I came up with shows the parts I could draw. The marimo hides the hardest parts, except the hair which was a struggle for me to design. ) I think the final pictures I came up with are awesome because I finally made some that suited the the marimo loving mermaid persona which is strangely similar to me only obsessed with mermaids and marimo. (I'm actually quiet about it but I'm super interested in marimo and would love dozens more)

     Hey if you have pictures of your marimo, please tag @Marimo Mermaid on twitter and I'll obsess...I mean favorite or RT them. I swear if there was a place in town that sold marimo I'd be broke.

     While both my mermaid accounts are new, you'll notice I gave them both a good start. (Don't judge me for already pinning so many pins in such a short time) I just really found a lot of really cool pins. Over time it will expand into more mermaid, sea, marimo, seashell related awesomeness as I pin away.

     Disclaimer; If it started raining marimo right now I'd be very happy...wait don't rain marim because I'd be worried about missing some and them drying up. That would be awful. Maybe a package should be delivered full of free marimo and aquarium decorations (which are oddly expensive and nobody has the cheap little christmas trees I want) or possibly I find a genie lamp and make three wishes.
     Wish number one; Marimo moss will appear whenever I want like a superpower and the only drawback will be my inability to get over it's cuteness. (With genies it's safer to try and make the fault instead of being tricked. It does work that way, right?)
     Wish number two; I wish for the ability to transform into a mermaid at will. The only drawback will be having to build a huge pool to swim in.
     Wish number three; no, no number three. always leave that one for a while because you'll regret blowing them all at once. Advice for those who ever find a genie, in case you wish to undo your wishes.
     What would you wish for if you found a genie? Would you make your wishes or would you be leery about the three magical wishes? Comment below what sort of wishes you'd make.


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