Retro Pop-It Beads

This post is not sponsored or paid. Any brand mentioned in this post is of my own choosing.

     I inherited some Pop-It Beads from my grandma years ago. From what I heard is that these plastic beads are from the fifties and up, a cheaper alternative to pearl necklaces. They became popular with girls and women. You're probably wondering what I'm talking about, what's so impressive about some old plastic pearl necklaces. They aren't fake pearls, they're just pearl colored beads that pop together to form necklaces and bracelets that are the perfect fit for you. (If that doesn't make any sense at all you can just check out this picture of my very own necklaces)

Retro Pop-It Beads; Night Sea 90.

     The cool part is you can buy the newer pop beads on Amazon. There's this really cute pink one I'm eyeing, might have to wait a while on buying it since I'm saving some money for the local fair. Okay it's not a fair, it's more like a huge garage sale.

     Last year I got my third and forth marimo there, a really cool little orange vase for $1, two cute bowls for $2 for the pair to use as planters, two Christmas light strands (cheap ones but they work) for $1 each, a few other things I can't name off the top of my head and some foreign coins (I collect them just because they look interesting just laying on a shelf or in a dish)

     So I guess this post turned out to just be me showing off something I have and talking about wanting the newer version. Oh well, at least I didn't talk about marimo this post, right? I could totally write more marimo posts but I think I'll save that for another time while trying to come up with a craft project with my limited supplies.

     Disclaimer; I'm sharing this product based off of an older version I own. I love all three of my pop bead necklaces and I'm really thinking about buying the pink, although there's a three pack I saw with variegated, white and pink in it that would be awesome to get. Anyway, Pop-It Beads are a piece of jewelry little girls, teens and even grown women would probably like to wear.

Note; when I say 'limited supplies' I mean I have school glue, hot glue, junk beads, a few pieces of yarn, some thread and some jars. I don't have a speck of glitter, lost my fishing line somehow and I don't own any crayons. Seriously sometimes I wonder what happened to all those craft supplies I don't remember using and wish I had a time travel device to go grab the stuff before it vanished...wait is that why it vanished? My future self ripped off my past self so my present self would get all confused over her lack of craft supplies? What will this world come to future self? Lisa Frank hatbox full of craft supplies comes to mind since I hoarded those little vials of glitter for ages.


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