Can you glass what I got?

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     Did you like my punny Oh well, I thought it was a glassic. I'll stop now. Anyway I love glass, I dislike getting rid of glass jars but have no room for them all so unless I use them in projects they're of no use to me...rather I have no space for them.

     This post isn't exactly about my love of glass...actually it sort of is. Recently I ordered through Glass Dharma, a set of four straws and a cleaning brush. The shipping was fast, everything arrived safe, wrapped very well with newspaper and tape. None of the tape was on the straws just in case you were wondering about that so there was no sticky residue to worry about.

     Right away I chose one of the smaller straws, washed it up like I do with anything new that I use around food. The brush works great, I'm a little careful with it because my straws are bent but it goes through both sides easily enough and seems to do it's job very well. I did however only wash a brand new straw but as long as you rinse them after using them I don't see ever having a problem with the scrubbing power.

     I stuck the first straw in my drinking glass, filled it with cold water and tried it out. Okay so I drank that glass of water way too fast in my excitement to test it out. Already it has me wanting to drink fresh juice and possibly one of those diet cranberry sprites I saw advertised on TV. Anyway I'll list my pros and cons.

Can you glass what I got? Read about my glass straws on the blog, where I got them and what I think of them.
Can you glass what I got? Read about my glass straws on the blog, where I got them and what I think of them.


Easy to clean despite my worry about the bend
So much prettier than plastic straws.
It is awesomely made of glass.
I like the angle of my bend straw.
Glass is better for the environment than plastic.
I won't have to go out and buy plastic straws.


I may not get over feeling it's fragile.
Not disposable, I have to wash it.
I can't bend it however I want.
I have yet another glass item for my obsession, do I really need more glass? Probably.
Drinking too much too fast and becoming waterlogged.

This is the site I got my straws through. Glass Dharma.
I bought the OJT straw set containing; two 9.5 mm beautiful bends and two 12 mm beautiful bends. Since this set did not come with a brush, I purchased one for it out of their selection of brushes.

Note; I did win a gift card for Glass Dharma but was under no obligation to write a post nor did I mention it to them, SURPRISE. Everything written above is my own opinion and written because I wanted to share with everyone because I'd been wanting to try glass straws forever.

Disclaimer; I do have a lot of glass jars and bottles figuring I'll use them in craft projects or something. The most I have is probably giant hot sauce bottles from my brother who gives them to me after he's done with them, they are of thick glass and I have made two terrariums out of them so far.


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