Etsy shop review SupSupSupplies

     I paid out of pocket for everything featured in this post. All opinions are my own and I would like to say ahead of time I was not asked to write this post by anyone. I am sharing my experience of buying from Etsy, of purchasing from this specific seller and of these products.

     I am always window it called window shopping or screen shopping when you use a computer? Anyway I'm a daydreamer so window shopping is a lot of fun for me but what's better than that is actually being able to buy something (Christmas gift card) so yes I spent my Christmas money on craft stuff. This is also the first time I've bought anything off of Etsy.

Etsy shop review; SupSupSupplies

     I had purposely looked around for mermaid cabochons since I've never used them before and loved the mermaid scales...okay who am I kidding? I saw the shimmery scale effect and was hooked. Aren't these beautiful, they're really just as good as the pictures.

Etsy shop review; SupSupSupplies

     I bought ten of these chains, they came in a pack. I love these because I can change different charms and use only one chain at a time.

Etsy shop review; SupSupSupplies

     These beads are probably my favorite purchase. I was worried that the picture was going to be prettier than the actual product but these are perfect and really good quality. Everything shipped great, nothing came damaged and I got it within a week of ordering which is awesome.

     Here is the link to the shop I bought all this from; Etsy shop SupSupSupplies

     Have you bought from Etsy? If so what was your favorite purchase?

Disclaimer; I have the hardest time with Etsy's name. I literally pronounce it wrong half the time. I know it's Eht-see but I have called it Es-tee countless times. Totally true but I am messing up less often.


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