Leap-year; the legend of the marofrog.

     Did you know 2/29/2016 is the leap-year of the marofrog? Actually every leap-year is protected by a very rare and extinct species of marimo-frog or other mystical creatures. Perhaps I'll tell you about the others another time but today on this day of leaps I will tell you about the legend of the marofrog.

Leap-year; the legend of the marofrog.

Legend goes if you kiss a marofrog you will have all the pearls you could ever wish for and live a life of luxury. If you take care of that marofrog by giving it water and some sunlight, you'll be protected from thieves and trickery. If you put a coin near the marofrog it will ensure that a newborn child will have luck near water.

     It is said that boil a marofrog your ancestors will come from the great beyond and hunt you down for your bone marrow...but you have nothing to worry about since there's no reason to boil a marofrog...unless you accidentally leave it out in the sun too long there's no way it'll boil. Like marimo, marofrogs prefer cooler water and indirect sunlight.

     Whatever you do, don't pair two marofrogs together, they will become jealous and attempt to hoard power over the household. That is exactly how homes get dragged down into sinkholes or chimneys collapse in on themselves. You can however put a marofrog in with marimo, they love it.

Disclaimer; I will not say if this marofrog in this picture is actually mine, I would not want to endanger Glint...I mean the marofrog. Have a happy leap-year and take care of your marimo, if you don't have a marimo then think about getting one since they are the easiest pet/plant to care for.


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