Update on Speck

     You may remember Speck from this post (brand new marimo) He or she is possibly the world's smallest marimo. I say possibly because I have no idea if there's a record for it or not. If anyone knows about marimo records or things as interesting as marimo please let me know.

     In case you were curious, is it possible for a marimo the size of a speck to live at such a small size, the answer is yes, Speck is still alive. I created Speck back in July of 2015. I kept him in the original vial and changed his water about two or three times just by slowly adding clean water into it.

Update on Speck; possibly the world's smallest marimo.
Speck, possibly the world's smallest marimo.
Thumbtack used to compare size.
Sorry about the wonky lighting, everything else had a glare from the glass.
Disclaimer; remember to keep marimo out of direct light, they prefer indoor or soft light and cooler spaces. I'm officially addicted to owning marimo and am trying to come up with new ideas for them. Do you own marimo or are you looking to own some? Let me know in the comments below what you think, are marimo the coolest plant/novelty/step-above-digital-pets?


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