Magical Visit From Magical Beasts

     Lol okay ignore the title I couldn't resist. For two days in a row butterflies, more than I've ever seen at once decided that my yard was the best place to visit. I am completely serious, I have never seen this many butterflies at once and if you ever get to experience dozens of butterflies flying around you, you'll understand how pictures don't do the moment justice.

     I did try to take pictures of them in flight but that idea failed so I got them while they were resting on the patches of dirt in our yard where we just put grass seed. They were all over the little water puddles.

Just two butterflies hanging out.
Watch out, coming in for a landing.
We're two friends forever and ever and ever
and ever...because we're bea-u-tiful.
Sunny yellow little fellow.
Yes I held a butterfly despite the fact bugs creep me out.
I couldn't resist the photo opportunity.
     Here's a video of them swarming a bare patch on the first day. Excuse the quality of the video and the editing, I don't often work with videos and have just the most basic editing tools.

     What is your favorite magical/butterfly moment? Have you ever seen so many butterflies?

Lol, making a prop out of my bracelet. This is a joke picture and has no sponsors.
I used what I had on hand...on my hand to capture a butterfly photograph.
It's easier to read the comic if you click on the picture, it should zoom in.
Note; this post is not sponsored. Any brands and or products mentioned in this post are not advertisement, they are props.

Disclaimer; no butterflies were harmed in the making of this post. I googled what they were so I might not be right about this. The yellow butterfly is called a Western Tiger Swallowtail and the white version is called Pale Swallowtail. I don't know why they didn't call the white ones White Western Tiger Swallowtails but then again I didn't name them.


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