Amazon Review Nail Tape, Brushes, Dotting Tools

This post is not sponsored, nobody paid me or gave me anything in return for this review. I've written this on my own to express my opinion about this brand and or product.
     Okay so how about an Amazon review? I have bought a few things with a birthday gift card recently so maybe there will be a few more of these reviews coming up soon. Let me know if you like them and remember, this is just my opinion on what I received and sometimes what one customer receives is what another customer should expect, especially when purchasing online.

     The product I bought was a set of brushes, dotting tools and foil nail tape strips. Actually I have no normal use for any of these. I'm sure this is all for nails but the paintbrushes look so cute I might not even use them just because of the pale white and bright orange bristles. I've also never used dotting tools before but I do know they'd work good with clay whenever I decide to try making some from scratch.

     I found this kit because I wanted the thin decorative tape for craft projects and since it was only $3.09 with free shipping at the time. That's only $1.03 each item set (brushes, dotters, tape) so basically all I expected was dollar store quality at it's worst, except the tape which I had high hopes for.

Plushies not included, they're mine from years ago.
Hoofer is the one with fur at her feet. Rocker is my favorite, he's the small one.
     The brushes came with bright white handles, they feel like cheap watercolor paint brushes only they look better and the bristles are softer. These are more like what you'd give an older kid or teen who paints or even an adult who's not that picky which I am not so I love these brushes but haven't tried them yet so I don't know if any of the bristles fall out when wet but I gave them some tugs and they felt very secure. Only one brush came damaged and it really isn't that big of a deal to me thanks to the price.

The only thing damaged was this brush. It is still usable.
     The dotting tools, I expected they'd feel cheap and the metal ends would be crooked or something but they're pretty weighty, acrylic and pretty. I like twirling them to watch the decorative ribbon twirl. They are two sided, nicely sized and they impressed me in quality.

Love, Love, Love the tape! Great for crafts!
The dotting tool handles are so fun to spin.
     The tape, as I expected it was thin, metallic and sticky. I got more than I thought per a roll and got ten rolls. All in all I learned that it is very difficult to get something so thin to show up on my camera and I would definitely buy this set again if I needed to.

Link for reviewed set;

Link for some super cheap tape that I also bought extra separate if you just want some tape;

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