Random Photos

     I don't know about you but I have been taking pictures like crazy and had a hard time picking out these few to share so I hope you enjoy and I'll try to get another one up soon.

Sunflower and American Flag.
     So far we only have two little sunflowers blooming. When I say little I mean they aren't the giant ones we grew last year, the heads are much smaller. I managed to capture this one with the flag in the background.

Golden sunrise over Idaho mountains #Idahome #Idaho #mountains

     This is a sunrise, the sky was golden and the clouds were incredible.

Golden sunrise over Idaho mountains #Idahome #Idaho #mountains

     This is the sunrise a little later as the clouds moved around a bit, still golden.

Streaked sunrise over Idaho mountains #Idahome #Idaho #mountains

     This is the other side of the mountain where off to the right of the mountain the clouds were gold while on this side they were stuck in the shadow of the mountain...or just magically beautiful. Yes the clouds were formed in streaks which makes me love this picture even more.

Little bird in the Idaho mountains #Idaho #Idahome #wildlife

     Several birds were crying out and racing around the ground of the hill in my backyard. I managed to snap a couple pictures of this one who'd been left behind by the small playful flock before it darted off up into the trees.

Cat on American flag toolbox #Idaho #Idahome #USA #cat

     I'm told that my cat is small. Personally I think the local strays I see are just giant. She's thirteen years old, I can't believe it...actually I have to I got her when I was thirteen. I like how the window whites out the background.

Disclaimer; my weakness is...photo editing. Lol seriously I don't even know why part of the process bugs me. It probably is just as simple as I make it too complicated.


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