Taking Mike Wazowski for a walk.

     So much snow, the most I've ever seen in my life, It's piled up in my yard about six feet deep. The walkways are clear, the yard is full and I still want more snow. Seriously I want over ten feet of snow in my yard, it would be awesome to not see anything but snow and sky.

     Okay so I decided to take Mike Wazowski out for a walk. If you don't know who he is you can check out his creation post.

     So back to the walk, every now and then I take my favorite little marimo outside as a reward for being perfectly round and fluffy. Also because I try to take pictures. Anyway I let him out to enjoy the snow.

Taking Mike Wazowski for a walk; didn't you know he was my marimo?
A little poem, I thought it was needed.

     He decided it was a little too cold, lol I thought marimo loved the cold as long as they don't get frozen. I guess he's a little oddball.

Taking Mike Wazowski for a walk; I really wish I had two of these, this photo edit makes me want two Mike Wazowski marimo jars
I realy wish I had two of these. Aren't they so cute together?
It wouldn't be too hard to recreate, Ooh a second color would be awesome.

     You are not seeing double, I just put two photos side by side and now I want two Mike Wazowski jars. Seriously this is my favorite jar I've made.

     There are no plans for a Sully jar or a Boo jar. I can't find any faux fur that's cheap in a small amount and I don't need a whole yard's worth. I am however in the planning stage to make another marimo container, a special one. I just need to figure out a few things.

     Take a guess, what theme do you think my next marimo jar will be? I bet you can't guess.

Disclaimer; One can never have too many marimo but it can be a pain to clean all their containers all in one day.


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