Thank you for naming my marimo ornament

     Just a quick hello while I'm getting up the nerve to try paper mache...I'm so nervous about this craft project that I'm working on and I'll try to take some pictures but seriously have you ever made something and it doesn't look that great and you know you have to finish it but you're worried about ruining it and having to start all over? My Wonderland themed art project is wall decor and one of the most complicated things I've made in a while and I don't want to have to start all over.

     What I originally came on here to talk about was the fact my marimo ornament I posted a while back has finally been named. I was playing around with variations and ideas and think I've finally come up with something that suits it and I want to thank the person who wrote their suggestion on Pinterest for the name. I'll post the pin and hopefully they'll see it.

     The name is Josephine and Joe was suggested on pinterest by Anchored! Thank you for the name Anchored!

Thank you for naming my marimo ornament; update post on my marimo ornament getting it's name.

Disclaimer; I not only love marimo but lucky bamboo because it can be grown in water. What plants do you grow in just water, no soil? I'm looking forward to trying something new this year, not sure if it'll be something like aquatic moss or maybe duckweed but I am curious to what types of plants you like to grow and what can live in water without soil.


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