What has happened to my marimo?

     This isn't happening, this can't be happening. Seriously I swear this marimo was normal...

     Maybe I should start over. Okay so I was cleaning my marimo tanks, jars and glasses when I noticed I had one sick marimo, no that isn't even the one I'm freaking out about. The one causing me to panic...You are never going to believe this so I'm going to have to show you.

     These pictures are not manipulated, this is an actual marimo that you are looking at but clearly something is wrong with it. I have never seen a marimo like this before. Do you think...maybe it's some sort of mutation? I'm kind of scared it'll climb out of the water. All it is missing is legs. I'm pretty sure that it's dangerous, I mean what sort of natural marimo looks like that?

     Do I dare touch it? Should I burn it? How do you burn something that lives in water? I don't want to touch it and what if drying it out to burn it causes it to attack me?

     Okay, now I think I'll show you what I'm rambling on about. The pictures below is of one marimo, just one, not a bunch lumped together. It's kind of hard to see in these photos but it's got two ears right up on top, a body going towards the right ending with a tiny little tail and off to the left...that might be a trunk. It kinda looks a little like a legless elephant but that's insane right? An elephant shaped marimo just doesn't happen, it can't.

What has happened to my marimo? 🙃

What has happened to my marimo? 🙃
This picture is it from behind.

     This...abomination isn't natural, it's some sort of supernatural being. Please tell me what I'm suppose to do with it. Have you ever heard of anything like this before? I'm scared it's going to attack humans or my cat or my other normal marimo. What happens if I poke it with a stick, will it spread disease, the mutation that's obviously taken over it's body?

Disclaimer; Happy April Fools day. Lol, I'll explain the real truth about these pictures later but I swear the one thing that's definitely true is that I own a marimo shaped like this, although it's recovering from a little sunburn at the moment, hopefully it's little tail survives.


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