Work In Progress Red Hearts

     Happy Birthday Month to me, lol I've been up to my neck in glitter thanks to a project that failed. I'll end up using it for something else or scrapping. I've been a little busy lately trying to come up with artsy ideas to share but I seem to be having a lot of craft fails lately and a lot of half finished projects. Since I've been struggling with pieces for a huge idea I've been working on I thought I'd at least show a piece of it while I'm working on it since I know this project is at a stage where I'm happy with the results.

Work In Progress Red Hearts; just a sneak peek of something I'm working on.

     Roses are red and so are these hearts. I've been painting nail polish on these little parts...this picture was just taken, the paint is still drying but I thought I'd whip out a quick post. Anyone want to guess why I need red hearts? These are magnets. Here's a hint, 'roses are red' is also part of your clue.

Disclaimer; Glitter is contagious, as contained as I keep it I still find myself coated in it. I swear I have to wash my hands a dozen times to get every little piece off. This is why I rarely use glitter.


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