A few of my marimo.

     I just gave a bunch of my marimo a bath, all besides a couple of others I did the other day so I put them in my window to get a little extra sunshine and decided to take a couple of pictures and share them with you.
A few of my marimo; I set a bunch of my marimo up in my window.
I don't keep all these here, too bright for the marimo during the summer.
I usually have most of these in my other window but this one has a nicer background.

A few of my marimo; this marimo looks like a cyclops. I love this orange gem placement.
That orange gem makes this marimo look like a cyclops.
I think I like it.

A few of my marimo; I just had to share this picture of my cactus with eyes.
I've had this cactus about two years and now it's grown a pair of eyes.
Now even the gnomes can't stand to make eye contact with it.
The poor little guy can't get a hug.

Disclaimer, I have 30+ marimo, including the really tiny pieces. Now I just need really cute and creative homes to display them in.


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