Last Post of 2016!!!

     Wow, this year flew by. 2017 is tomorrow so I thought I'd do a favorite posts of 2016. This is a list of the top favorite posts of the year based on views and of my personal choices, hope you find something you might have missed.

Reader's favorite post #1 Lol the first is literally the first post of 2016! Baby moose on the loose.

Reader's favorite post #2 Wild Idaho Turkeys.

Reader's favorite post #3 My tarot card post was surprisingly popular. I'm thinking of doing another.

Reader's favorite post #4 DIY octopus beads. This one is super simple and fun to make.

Reader's favorite post #5 January Pinterest Challenge. Let me know if you want me to start this game back up. I use to put them up once a month at least and there's no time limit on them, you can complete them at any time if you want.

Recently popular. Marimo Summer Heat Warning. This one was surprising and it seems to be thanks to Pinterest but everyone seems to be interested in my post about marimo and temperature despite it being a 2015 post.

I really want to thank everyone for reading my posts. It means a lot to me that so many people are enjoying what I've written and pictures I've taken. Here's to hoping 2017 brings more creative inspiration towards future blog posts for me to share with you.

Last Post of 2016; This is what I got when messing with a photo of yesterday's sunset. I love it, it looks like a magical storm.
This is what I got when messing with a photo of yesterday's sunset.
I love it, it looks like a magical storm.

My favorite post #1
 Mike Wazowski Inspired DIY Marimo Jar. I still have this little guy although I liked him without the horns most so I took them off. I'm trying to come up with another mini jar inspired by a favorite movie of mine, still working on collecting the items and planning out how it should look. If you like Monsters' Inc. and you have marimo or maybe you don't, you can still make a character/show inspired jar. Let me know how it turns out.

My favorite post #2 Leap-year, the legend of the maro-frog. What, you've never heard of this legendary creature? Wow, I thought they were known throughout the world twice over, more famous than leprechauns but not quite as well known as unicorns.

My favorite post #3 Pinterest Etiquette #3, the things I've learned on Pinterest. If anyone is interested in knowing a little more about Pinterest let me know, feel free to suggest questions for me to try answering. I'm in the process of post #4 and it should be a little different.

My favorite post #4 A Slow Thief. Help someone just tried to steal my bracelet! Lol. I still think this post is pretty cute.

My favorite post #5 Celebrate! DIY plant hanger. I still have my purple and green one up and have never taken it down. It's the perfect pop of color, it even works for birthdays, parties, and holidays or just for fun. Choose your colors, make it to fit your planter and hang it. I wish I had some iridescent ribbon, it would look perfect!

Last year's last post if you liked this one.

Disclaimer; All these posts were written by a robot...on a a human on a a human writing on a computer. If I...if said human was on the computer the posts would all look like...

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[brml;n bwkfsi'o ju09b-h3k5ojypiw0ru9jh53yonpkb4 gwsu-0 fiblkn 4mg,lbjihsfj[0on; mlwfs0ujpo4gwb fujongb g jnklgrb foijppvokmgwv,fm,jn4 wrbs fxch]pinklrbs pjogwsf ouwgij kl u9]gjrnlm] u9ijpfkldnxm2 9]wkjlfnhc,kyhgbsnlkm.,cj'ludspo9gjbwpihklfn/xm.v'l

Good thing I write with my fingers...I mean it's a good thing said human writes with their fingers!

End note; thank you for putting up with my humor. Happy New Year!


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